Conversion by Time with new columns in Google Ads

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Google now provides more detailed information in its Conversion by Time column. You can now see the date of the click and the actual time when the conversion happened. So now if your ad was clicked-on last week and the traffic converted this week you will see in the new ‘Conversion (by conv. time)’ [...]

Google Manual Actions Take Time To Process

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When a manual action is removed by Google, your site is immediately free of it. However, Google takes time to carry out the change. It takes time for the ranking system and index to process the change. John Mueller while answering a query on twitter tweeted the same.  Google demotes [...]

List Of Google Updates Rolled-Out In September 2019

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Google updates are algorithm changes that filters and refreshes the rankings and organic traffic of websites. The primary motive of a Google update is to improve the relevancy and quality of the Search results. In the month of September, Google came out with one core update and two unnamed algorithm updates. Let's see what [...]

A Complete Guide to Google E-A-T Update

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Google is always fashionably tight-lipped and mysterious about all of its updates. In 2018, it claimed it makes about 3000+ updates each year. Which means about 57 updates every week and about 8 updates every day!  Google never acknowledges its updates except for the core algorithm updates which it has recently started to preannounce. [...]

Everything you need to know about Google FRED Update

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Around March 2017, there were a buzz that Google is coming up with an update that will shake up the ranking algorithm. After a lot of uncertainty and confusion, Gary Illyes finally made an official announcement on March 24th that the new update Google FRED will be deploying websites that were using Black-Hat SEO tactics [...]