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PPC Services in Delhi

PPC stands for pay-per-click in digital marketing. In simple words, we pay to search engines to rank our site at the top. This ensures greater visibility, which is directly equivocal to higher traffic, instantly.

Yes’ in no time you will get huge traffic!

However, while generating traffic is fairly easy and spontaneous, the real PPC marketing game begins after that!

The truth is most people fail to understand how PPC works. They launch their PPC campaign, get higher traffic and then assume to get higher leads too. But that’s not how a PPC campaign works.

How does PPC works?

The success of any PPC campaign depends on advertisers’ rank, which is bidding * quality score. To stand out, you need to either raise your bid or improve your quality score.

Search engines rate your quality score in the range of 1- 10 and your score depends primarily on three factors- CTR (click-through-rate), keyword relevancy and landing page quality.

  • CTR is the rate at which PPC ads are clicked. This number will tell you how many times users have clicked the ad, after seeing your ad (impression) on a web site.

  • Keyword relevancy is a must. If you go wrong in selecting keywords appropriate for your campaign, no matter how good your content or ad copy is, you will end up burning a lot of money in PPC campaign.

  • The Landing page is extremely vital in the success of any PPC campaign. A separate page is created which is optimized in a way that it provides, relevant information to your targeted visitors, and gets you higher conversions to.

Isn’t that great? Yes, it is, but only if you’ll able to optimize it fully. Now that’s the challenge.

Not anymore! Justgoweb is highly experienced PPC company in Delhi and can help you deliver positive ROI from your Pay per click campaign. Being one of the most knowledgable companies, we are capable of improving your keyword quality score up to 10. As PPC agency in Delhi, we have helped many business based in Delhi, Noida and Gurgaon grow exponentially using our creative PPC marketing tactic and strategies. if you are someone who is looking for help then please feel free to give us a call or fill our query form on the contact page and our PPC consultant will be in touch with you very shportly

Pay Per Click Advertising

PPC Strategy

Targeted social ads to grow your audience, visibility, engagement and traffic.

PPC Implementation

Learn what’s working and what isn’t (and how you can improve).

Keywords research

Ensuring customer comments are responded to in a timely manner.

Adcopy Writing

Learn from competitors’ successes and mistakes on social media.

Ad Extensions

Monitoring across various criteria to identify trends and opportunities.

PPC Tracking

We’ll be your guide and help build a strategy best for your brand.

PPC Optimisation

Custom blog posts and content calendars for your social profiles.

PPC Reporting

Sweepstakes, photo contests, video contests and more.

Campaign targeting

Boosting brand visibility via digital influencer identification, outreach & management.

Bid optimisation

Boosting brand visibility via digital influencer identification, outreach & management.

Click path analysis

Boosting brand visibility via digital influencer identification, outreach & management.

Equity weighting

Boosting brand visibility via digital influencer identification, outreach & management.