At Justgoweb, we help businesses leverage digital marketing solutions that drive leads, brand engagement and most importantly ROI.  We have best breed of marketing professionals who take a deep dive to understand your business and propose solutions that deliver results. Our team has extensive experience in search engine optimization, paid search, display advertising and social media marketing.

Meet Our Justgoweb Ninjas

We have really exiting team of super ninjas who work together for the growth of your business. Team has the right mix with problem solvers and solution creators who are passionate about delivering results.


Aditya Khanna
Aditya KhannaDirector and Founder
SEO is powerful channel for any business. It is a game changer once you know the roadmap for success.
Priyanka Luthra Khanna
Priyanka Luthra KhannaCo - Founder and HR Manager
We don’t hire employees, we hire Ninjas.


Sujeet Kumar
Sujeet KumarProject Manager (All Rounder)
Managing Development projects is fun. I love using tools like ASANA & Trello for project management.
Rakhi Dhingiya
Rakhi DhingiyaCreative Designer
What I do all day is 1st image up and 2nd image down. I enjoy making website designs that deliver exceptional user experience.
Pooja Pathak
Pooja PathakSr Shopify Developer
I love building successful eCommerce web stores on Shopify.
Shaswati Banerjee
Shaswati BanerjeeContent Marketer
Juggling with words is my favourite sport.
Aakanksha Ranjan
Aakanksha RanjanSocial Media Manager
Social Media Marketing is all about engagement.
Mohammed Faizan
Mohammed FaizanSEO Specialist
SEO is science and all about research.
Khushboo Singh
Khushboo SinghSEO Specialist
High on aspirations, higher on the search list. That’s all that matters.
Suraj Yadav
Suraj YadavSEO Specialist
SEO is just like investment need effort, patience and time to grow.
Sonal Mahal
Sonal MahalSEO Specialist
I do not prefer traffic unless it is for your website.