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Struggling for page #1 rankings or solid SEO strategy? Our incredible SEO Consulting services can provide answers to all your SEO related queries..

SEO For Small Business

New in this highly competitive online world? Our Small Business SEO services can ensure you more leads and clients for your business.

Enterprise SEO

Require an Enterprise level SEO for your website? We can help you manage your website, get your audiences’ pulse and dominate search results.

E-Commerce SEO

Is your online store not appearing on page #1? We can help you improve your ranking and increase your sales with our ECommerce SEO strategy.

SEO is a Tricky Game

SEO- search engine optimization is a race and winning a gold medal in this race is not a cake walk, especially when you are in a competitive business. If you are not on page 1 of major search engines(It’s Google in India, US and UK) then we are sure that your competitors are occupying the SEO real estate on search engines and making money. As one of the top SEO agencies in Delhi, We help businesses become market leaders by optimizing their website to outrank each and every competitor and occupy major SEO real estate on search engines( Majorly Google because it has 99% market share) for your SEO targeted keywords. We always strive to be the best and maintain our status of #1 SEO Company in Delhi NCR (Noida, Gurgaon).

Hiring The Right Seo Agency Is Important

Most small businesses are trapped by cheap SEO services by freelancers and so called SEO agencies in Delhi. These SEO companies and so called independent SEO consultants, not only mint money from the clients(to do absolutely nothing) but also waste their invaluable SEO marketing time. Majority of the clients go bust in this phase and others lose trust in SEO. If you are on our website right now reading this page, then either you have thought about SEO marketing too late in this digital world or have wasted time and money with a non performing SEO agency in Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon or some other part of the world(if you are not from India).

Why work with Justgoweb?

Customized SEO services

it’s important to note that SEO works differently for every business industry. SEO strategies that work in Fashion industry might not necessarily works with food, medicines or any other industry. You need a customized well researched SEO strategy that works for your business. Our research team continuously do SEO research on various industries to find quick wins as well as long term wins.

Updated with Google news and updates

Google algorithms is dynamic and changes every second. There might be something cooking in algorithm as you are reading this page. Our team constantly participate in events and read SEO news and updates to get themselves updated. This helps our clients get an edge over their competitors.


Experience is highly important in SEO. You don’t learn SEO in books, school or collages. We are one of the best SEO company in Delhi for last 10 years, It is the experience of working with 1000’s of clients which has given us knowledge to outrank competitors in any business.

Our SEO Methodology

Technical SEO Audit

SEO keeps changing and new developments and algorithm updates keep taking place constantly. We perform a technical audit of your website to check its health. SEO audits are hence necessary. It helps us to figure out what fixes might be needed to improve your site’s performance.

Keyword Research

One of the core SEO tasks. We identify popular words and phrases people enter in the search engine when looking for your services. This helps you to understand how high the demand for certain keywords is and how hard it is to compete for them. It also helps us to explore varied ways in which people search on a topic or for a service.

Ideally the right keyword strategy should include right mix of low and high competition keywords because, high competition and high-volume keywords take more time and effort to rank whereas, low competition and low-volume keywords are low hanging fruits which we should aim to rank quickly.

Keyword research also helps us in content marketing as it helps us figure out ideas for new contents and blog posts.
rank competitors in any business.

On-Site SEO

We optimize your website content and HTML source codes to make the site pages eligible to rank on search engines. Content is an important part of On-Site optimization. We ensure your content solves search queries of the customer who will land on your page from SEO. We make sure your title tags are short, precise and unique. Along with smart interlinking, we make sure that your URLs clearly show the hierarchy of information on your pages to help the search engine determine its relevance.

Off-Site SEO

Building effective Backlinks is the heart of Off-Site Optimization. We make sure that your website has high-value backlinks. Recommitting to frequent forums and discussion boards, brand mentions, and guest blogging are done now and again to improve your search engine rankings.

Analyze Results & Make Continuous Improvement

SEO is a continues process. We constantly analyze your website’s performance. We embed a unique Google Analytics tracking code into your web pages. It helps us determine daily site visits, the number of minutes a visitor stays, and the keywords frequently used to find you. This enables us to figure out any changes and developments that might be required.

Questions & things to review before hiring any SEO company in Delhi NCR (Noida, Gurgaon)

Launched a new website and looking for SEO company in Delhi? Delhi is flooded with SEO companies, freelancers and agencies. Although many people believe that Delhi is full of talented people ( which we are ) however, SEO is a tricky game and things change very rapidly in this business. 

Sometimes, an executive who has worked in an SEO Agency in Delhi for around a year believes that “HE IS AN SEO EXPERT”. Moreover, agencies who do website designing and development have started calling them Digital Marketing Agencies and take projects from their clients for SEO services without having any advance capabilities in-house to deliver SEO  projects with clients satisfaction. 

We would like to highlight a few questions to ask an SEO agency in Delhi
before hiring them for your SEO project.

Question: Check if the SEO Agency or a Freelancers website rank on search engine?

Answer: If you are planning to hire an SEO agency, then be it one of the best in the city. I say this because in SEO, Time is of the essence. If that is lost, everything is lost. An SEO agency ideally should rank in top 5 results (or at-least in the top 10) for one or all of their agency keywords like “SEO Agency in Delhi, SEO Agency in Noida, SEO Company in Noida, SEO Company in Delhi, SEO Services in Delhi. If they are not, then probably there is a high degree of risk hiring this agency.

Question: Can you please share list of your SEO clients and references?

Answer: SEO is nothing without results. When you as for results and client references with any good SEO Company in Delhi, then they will not hesitate sharing the websites as well as client references. However, any shady SEO services company will either share fake references or not share any and give excuses. And you know what to do next.

Question: What is your SEO team structure?

Answer: SEO is not a one man game. It requires skill of 3-4 people including SEO consultant, Content writer, SEO Analyst and outreach specialist. There are more roles in SEO jobs, but I would not like to go in detail. A company should have these capabilities to run any successful SEO campaign. If the company does not have any one of these roles then they are probably going to waste your money and time.

Question: Ask for an initial SEO audit of your website?

Answer: Doing initial SEO audit is something which every SEO services company in Delhi would be happy to offer. Sometimes you even get emails with some analysis of your website. Most of the SEO companies use tools to generate SEO audit reports which are next to rubbish. When you ask for an Audit report, then make sure that is specific to your website and cover elements like keyword research and competitor analysis. If, these 2 important elements are missing from the SEO audit report, then feel free to press ctrl + delete.

Question: What SEO methodology do you follow?

Answer: SEO is not rocket science and everything is available on Google to study and do it yourself. However, an experienced team or professional may have their own set of methodology to practice SEO. 90% of the SEO agencies in Delhi may give you same methodology (which is fine) and 10% may come up with some additional elements ( can be different and unique ). As a rational user, it might be a good idea to have a call and have a discussion about this with their SEO practice head before awarding a project.

Question: Do you have experience in similar websites SEO?

Answer: SEO works very differently in every industry / type of website ( We have made this statement 100 times now). Example, eCommerce SEO is different from SEO for a travel website, and travel SEO is different from SEO for a corporate website. Having experience in similar website will be an added advantage but not mandatory I would say.

Question: How long will it take to Rank on my target keywords?

Answer: Well, this is a very common question asked by many clients already. The answer to this cannot be accurate by any one. However, based on the SEO audit done by the SEO company, they can estimate if the competition is high, medium or low, and then estimate how many months approximate it may take to rank certain keyword. However, if someone promises page #1 in 2-3 months on either competitive keywords or without any research then it is a clear warning sign.

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