SEO- search engine optimization is an effective way to rank your web site on the top of search engines. Research revealed that sites on the top of search engines grab a large of chunk of the market. Every company, thus want to make their place on top of search engines.

But ranking on the top of search engines is an ongoing race! And if you want to dictate the market, you need to understand how search engines work.


  • Site speed
  • Redirecting URLs in a redesign
  • Information architecture
  • XML sitemaps
  • Clean code review
  • Panda/Penguin cleanup

SEO is a Race, and You Need a Professional Rally Driver in the Drivers Seat

How does the search engine work?

Most people undermine the importance of SEO because they fail to understand how search engines operate.  Search engines’ main goal is to provide the most relevant results to its user’s query.  Search engine robots crawl the entire website and rank your page on the basis of relevance and popularity. Not complex, right?

But here’s a catch, search engines don’t understand or read a website like humans. They don’t understand images, flash files, and non-text content.  This is a big hurdle. As what appears to you and your users important might not appear the same for search engines.  Thus an important website marketing strategy is to create a website for both users and robots. A good SEO company can effectively make it happen for you by creating an optimized website for you.

Want to know how? Read below.

How does SEO optimize your page?

A web site needs to optimize on-site and off-site. The former is primarily about original content, unique designs and architecture of your website. But there’s a lot more than this. SEO is a complex world which rectifies each aspect of your site like keyword, links, title, anchor text and a lot more.  This will help search engine robots to rank you high organically.

Off-site SEO is like creating natural votes for the website. So if you got a lot of valuable links pointing to your page, Google will rank you up as it will consider your content relevant.

Yes, the benefits are enormous with SEO but only an efficient company can make it happen for you.

Factors one should consider before opting for any SEO company:

  • Customized SEO services-it’s important to note that SEO works differently for different companies. Thus, there is no copy-paste rule applied here. Tools that applied in Fashion industry might not necessarily works with food, medicines or any other industry. You need a comprehensive strategy that works in your niche market. That’s how Justgoweb works.

  • Upgraded tools and tactics– I am sure many of you are aware of the fact that Google algorithms are constantly changing. Thus we at Justgoweb believe highly in upgrading our tools and tactics which are tuned with Google’s latest algorithm.

  • Experience is highly important in this industry. Lets me make it clear that SEO is not just about ranking on top but staying on top! A constant high rank in search engines can increase your rate of conversions and hook customers with your brand forever. So if you need any help, remember we are just a call away.