Lets Unfold SEO Strategies For Schools and Colleges

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I am back, hopefully you liked my last post on SEO for travel agency. However, this time the topic is again entirely different, it's SEO for schools and colleges. Here we begin: Despite the growing penetration of SEO in every sector, few still keep themselves aloof from it. One such branch is schools and colleges. [...]

Tailor-made SEO Strategies for Travel Agency.

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After SEO for lawyers (my last post) I am back with another interesting topic which almost everyone loves to talk "travelling". Hence we will be discussing SEO strategy for Travel agency.  Let’s quickly begin! There was a time when only a few companies were driving the travel industry. But with the spread of the internet [...]

The key to success to SEO for lawyers and law firms

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Back again, after my last post on SEO for Real Estate. This time I have researched and thought of exploring the SEO strategy for lawyers and jotted down some really worth reading tactics. So, without wasting any time lets straight head to our topic by asking one simple question: Is SEO for Lawyers really [...]

How to Leverage SEO to Generate Real Estate Leads

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We are back with yet another article on SEO and this time it's all about Real Estate. Our first post was on SEO for hotels and this is our second piece in the league of SEO series. Here it goes: Searching a property in the most preferred location within the budget is a daunting [...]

A Beginners guide to SEO for Hotels

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The power of the online world has hardly left any industry untouched, especially the hotel industry which caters 90% of its potential customers via online. It’s not simply enough to have a good hotel, great services, discounts and exciting packages. You need to have a strong web presence too. A robust web presence will [...]

Google Mobile First Indexing: – How it works and affect the industry

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Google is now stepping towards a major change in the algorithm of crawler from desktop indexing to mobile indexing. It has been observed for the last few years that people are searching frequently through mobile. However, while ranking, our analytics evaluate the data which are available on the desktop version. To take the same into [...]

Penalty Free SEO – SEO marketing considering there is no Google.

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The day when Matt Cutts said ‘Stop guest posting for SEO’, my first tweet was for Ann Smarty asking what does it mean for Myblogguest.com? And she sent a simile with a link to her post where she made a very interesting statement Ann Smarty “I am an SEO who stopped depending on organic rankings [...]