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Build your online store with Shopify, the best eCommerce platform with flexible cloud solutions. Get flexible shopping cart system, control over the look and functionality of your website.
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Shopify Plus Agency in Delhi

Shopify is one of the best eCommerce website builders. It helps businesses build their scalable online store with several built-in features. It offers online retailers a plethora of services including payment methods, marketing, customer engagement tools for the smooth functioning of the online store. It is a robust and scalable online store builder with powerful management tools, well-designed themes, top-notch apps, and features. It helps you to increase your sales and easily manage administrative tasks. We as a Shopify Partner company in India (We are #1 Shopify Partners in India) can help you build and customise websites for easy eCommerce business management using Shopify.

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Our Recent Work

The Ryllz Essentials’ Golden Garden logo represents Nature’s bounty. Full of all things natural, from flowers to fruits, from leaves to stalks, everything comes together in a circular logo showing a Universe that is abundant, pure, and luxurious.

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Qubo Go Audio Sunglasses provide hands-free immersive audio experience on the go.

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Mia Magell is a fashion brand making clothes for women that focus on the ethos of inclusivity,effortlessness and exuberance. We draw inspiration from different aspects of life

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ORVI combines craftsmanship with innovation, technology with heritage, and Western aesthetics with artisanal skills. Surfaces & Home Accents with a Twist

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Crazy Neon is a dynamic company which creates amazing neon signs with world class quality & the feature of customised neon sign to make your mark!

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The gift of fine arts and my rich Indian jewellery Heritage drives me to create something new everyday. The more I create the more I want to create.

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As publishers it was our dream to open a bookshop that understood art and design books enough to dedicate an entire space to the genre; to create an atmosphere as beautiful, luring and sleek as the books it would house; and to initiate a movement in keeping with the exciting leaps and bounds the country was making in design.

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VAISHALI S, an eponymous brand, is borne out of designer Vaishali Shadangule’s genuine affection and passion for the classic Indian weaves. Working with authentic woven textiles, perennially telling a culturally-rich tale about the country’s heritage, the brand has endeavoured to lend the Indian handloom weave a global design language of expression since March 2001.

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RUGGED Products Corp delivers the world’s strongest and most reliable off-grid solar product solutions available.

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We at Tots & Moms aspire to provide well-nourished and wholesome products for your little ones so that you no longer have to compromise on nutrition for yourself or your children.

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At Speksee, we are committed to help find the perfect-for-you pair of eyewear or contacts as well as care for the eyes behind them. With access to latest trends you can trust that Speksee is always looking out for your eyes.

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Miss Glam Fashion is the hub for the latest range of Glamorous clothing for women in Ireland/UK.

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We believe that apparel can be more than just a stitched piece of fabric. A good design will make you look good but a design with an impact will make you happier. Which in our opinion is so much better. The impact we make in our journey is important and this is just the beginning.

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“AMARIS is a magical kingdom of superlative jewels and exceptional workmanship. Our jewels are a melting pot full of imagination, creativity and passion to create some of the most beautiful pieces imaginable.”
– Prerna Rajpal

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Aditya Khandelwal offers different and exclusive designs to the world. He takes inspiration for his designs from nature, age-old crafts, multicoloured patterns and give them a touch of modernism.

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BRINDISA – A STORY OF SPANISH FOOD Our company name comes from the word ‘brindis’, to raise one’s glass in a toast, and our work over the past 30 years has been to toast and celebrate the varied cultures, landscapes and, above all the exceptional foods of Spain. In essence, the business is a tribute to the people.

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Why use Shopify?

Shopify is designed for simplicity. Website trends are constantly changing. What may be in today might become updated tomorrow. Shopify makes sure it stays on top of all new changes. It is constantly updating its features and releasing new apps.

All in one feature

One of the major reasons for Shopify’s popularity is that it is an all-in-one solution. From web designs to payment gateways and hosting everything is handled by it along with built-in blogging platforms.

Easy to use

Shopify is straightforward and simple to use. It starts with the account setup process and you can start your free, 2-week trial by entering your email on the Shopify homepage. It has some good default theme options which are easy to customize. There are also several different themes you can install or purchase. It allows you to add an unlimited number of products, titles, descriptions, images, prices, barcodes, shipping options with ease.

Numerous ways to sell

Shopify not only hosts your store for you but also provides multiple ways to sell with it. For instance, Shopify POS is a point of sale system that allows you to sell your products in person. You can use it to create a cart for customers, customize the cart, and accept payment with a range of methods. You can also sell your products on social media without having to redirect customers to your site. They can complete the order directly on the social media platform.

24/7 Customer Support

Shopify has 24/7 customer support which it offers through live chats, emails, and phones. You can find FAQs, user guides, and tutorials in the help center and also take part in a community discussion forum about marketing, accounting and more.

List of Features


Shopify has 70+ professional themes, easily customizable templates, built-in mobile shopping carts. You will have complete access to the HTML and CSS of your online store which makes it easy to customize every aspect of your online store. Your online store comes with a full-featured content management system along with blogging features that helps you to publish articles, create lookbooks, and encourage discussions.

Shopping Carts

Your online store will have a free-SSL certificate, 100 payment gateways, checkouts in over 50 languages. You can recover lost sales by sending email notifications to your customers about their abandoned shopping carts.

Store Management

You can information on your customers and their shopping habits at a glance. You’ll be able to categorize customer list based on locations, purchase history and so on. You can encourage customers to visit again by enabling customer accounts creation at checkouts. You’ll be able to connect to fulfillment solutions such as Amazon, Rakuten, and Shipwire. Integrated apps like eCommHub, Ordoro, Inventory Source makes it easy to set up your drop shipping business.

Search Engine Optimization

Shopify supports customizable H1, title, and meta tags. Your sitemaps are automatically generated along with your products, webpages, and blog posts. You can attract buyers by creating targeted discount codes and Buy One, Get One promotion. All Shopify websites have social media integration, such as Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. It also allows for people to browsers through your products on Facebook and makes a purchase without leaving Facebook.

Product Management

You easily manage your entire inventory, track stock counts and automatically stop selling products when you are out-of-stock. Customers will be able to order and download digital products. You can sell an unlimited number of products from your online store. You can add multiple images for each product and optimize product pages for search engines with specific meta tags, titles, and URL handles.


You’ll have an actionable dashboard of sales, orders, and traffic. You gain insight into your performance, see which products are selling and which are not. You can track your sales, visits, and referrals. You get to know where your visitors come from and how they found you.

Shopify on Phone

You can add products and manage inventory, take a photo or change a price directly from your phone through the Shopify mobile app. All your products, customers and their orders are automatically synced between the app and your online store. You can also capture payments and fulfill orders right from your phone.

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