Implementing an effective SEO strategy. The client needed to attract relevant traffic to the website to boost their revenue. We were required to expand their digital presence, increase site traffic, and generate more leads.


The major task at hand was to build Andaman Tourism as a distinctive brand. The challenges we faced in the process were:-

  • Creating XML Sitemaps with relevant pages.
  • Targeting relevant long tail and short tail keywords.
  • Creating high quality, engaging and unique content.
  • Gaining valuable inbound links from good travel websites or blogs.

What We Did

We adopted the following methods to increase the website’s visibility and drive targeted traffic:-

andamn laptop
  • Keyword research and choosing an optimum keyword density.
  • Optimizing the content of destination as well as homepage with relevant keywords.
  • Researching different areas with high search volume and creating pages to cover those areas.
  • Guest posting in relevant and authoritative publications.
  • Local citations in Google My Business.
andamn laptop

Results Achieved

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Targeted Location : India
Major Services Offered : Tour Packages, Tips for Travellers
Keyword Ranking Search Engine
Keyword Ranking Search Engine
Andaman Tourism 1st page Google.co.in
Andaman Travel Packages from Hyderabad 1st page Google.co.in
Andaman Tour Packages from Ahmedabad 1st page Google.co.in
Andaman Trips from Delhi 1st page Google.co.in
Andaman Travel Packages from Mumbai 1st Page Google.co.in
Andaman Travel Package 1st Page Google.co.in
Andaman Holiday Packages from Delhi 1st Page Google.co.in
Andaman Holiday Packages from Chennai 1st Page Google.co.in
Andaman Tour Packages 1st Page Google.co.in
Andaman Honeymoon Packages 1st Page Google.co.in