Magento is a feature-rich eCommerce platform. It provides you flexibility and control to customize your online store the way you want to. It offers merchants control over the functionality of their online stores. It is an open-source eCommerce platform that offers catalog management, powerful marketing tools, and provides you with an opportunity to create a site with unrivaled shopping experiences.

Why use Magento?

Users find Magento as the most favorable eCommerce platform to use owing to its rich features, diversity, and flexibility.

Open-source platform

It is an open-source platform with a free community version. It allows users full flexibility to customize and modify for more advanced functions. Magento business has complete control over what they want to do with their websites.

Rich Features

Magento comes with rich and diverse features from catalog and site management to marketing, promotions, and conversion tools. It allows business owners to leverage these diverse features to operate their stores from beginning to end process.

High scalability

Scalability is one of the prime reasons why Magento is fit for all business types. Even if you start with a small scale business with a limited number of products, Magento allows you to expand your scale with unlimited products.


Magento offers various SEO components like sitemaps, metadata and so on to support users and enhance their ranking on SERPs.

Multiple stores and languages

Several multinational corporations use Magento to operate their online stores. The reason being it allows multiple stores, multiple languages, and multiple currencies under one installation. It helps you to expand your market and reach several customers across the world.

List of Features

Site Management

Magento allows you to manage multiple websites with one administrative panel. It has a customizable design using templates and it supports multiple languages and currencies.

Catalog Management

It allows you batch updates to products, creation of different price points for different customer groups, unlimited product attributes, simple, configurable, bundled and grouped products, and you to moderate product tags and reviews.

Catalog and Product Browsing

It allows you to filter products according to prices and displays a range of products based on even increments or a similar number of products within each range. It allows you to create category landing pages using static block tool, assign designs at category and product level, list your products in grids or list format, configurable searches with auto-suggested terms. You can upload multiple images per product with zoom-in capability, show stock availability, with features like add-to wishlist, share via email or on Facebook.

Checkout and Payment Methods

It has on-page checkouts with an option for account creation at the beginning. It has SSL security support for orders, saved shopping carts feature, integration with several Paypal gateways, on-site order tracking from customer accounts, and more of such features.

Order Management

You can view, edit, create and fulfill orders from the admin panel and create multiple invoices. Customer service representatives and other admin users can manage products and coupons in customers shopping carts and wishlists. You can create re-orders for customers from the administrative panel and email notification of orders.

Customer Accounts and Customer Service

Magento has several customer accounts and customer service features like dashboards, default billing and shipping address, newsletter subscription management. You can create contact us forms, and customers can check order status and history and re-order from their accounts.

Mobile eCommerce

You can create online stores optimized for mobile devices. This mobile interface uses HTML5 technology and supports the iPhone, Android, and Mobile browsers. It includes a range of checkout capabilities and out-of-the-box features like device-specific media capabilities for audio and videos, clean display of product detail pages, multi-touch and scaling images, and drag and drop of products to shopping carts.

Search Engine Optimization

Your online store will be 100% search engine friendly, with Google sitemaps, search engine friendly URLs, meta-information for product and category pages.