SEO Consultant in Delhi

Our SEO consulting practice is head by Aditya Khanna(SEO consultant in Delhi), who has more than 12 years of experience working with SEO consulting agencies in India, US and UK. If you are in process to kickstarting a new website or having problems ranking your website on page 1, then our SEO consulting services can really help you.

SEO works best when it is tailor made because it works very differently for every industry. What works for Law firms may not work for eCommerce businesses. Packaged SEO services are of the shelf SEO services where we give one for all treatment to all websites. This is because of the economical nature of the SEO packaged services. There is minimum SEO consultant involvement in the SEO packaged services.
On the other hand, SEO consulting is 100% bespoke services for your website. 100% time is allocated to an SEO consultant who does an audit, analysis, research and then share recommendations on your website.

SEO consulting for Internal team setup:

Looking to hire an internal SEO team but lack in knowledge and experience? Our SEO consulting for team setup services help you understand your SEO needs, infrastructure and right talent for your business.

SEO consulting for site audits:

Have an internal team or external team for SEO and want to get an Audit done? Our SEO consulting audit services will not only you help you find problems in your website but also give you recommendations on what else you can do to make website work harder on search engines.

SEO consulting for Rank Improvement:

You have hired an SEO agency or a freelancer who did good job to improve keywords from no-where to page 2 or 3. However, you are stuck on that position for a very long time now. Our SEO rank improvement consulting services can help you find the roadblocks in your rank improvements. Our consultants do full audit of the site, your compaetitors and help you improve rankings on your key search terms.

SEO consulting for Penalty Removal:

Your website traffic or rankings have dropped suddenly? From experience we can say your website might have hit a penalty. Google penalties are very tricky. Is there is a manual action then you might see some messages in your search console (this is easy to track but difficult to solve). However, if there are no manual actions in search console, it will be difficult for any layman to find the root cause of rankings drop. Our SEO consulting for penalty removal is just right for these cases. Our consulting spend lot of time in analysis to find the root cause of the drops and help you come out of this rabbit hole.