There might have been a Google Search Ranking Update starting 29th August, 2019. There is considerable buzz within the SEO Community and also the rank checking tools. Some of our websites have also seen ranking fluctuations. 

google search ranking update

The ranking tools starting showing major fluctuations between August 29th to August 30th. Since there is no confirmation from Google on the subject, we can only assume it is nothing big. Moreover, each year Google makes hundreds of changes to search. Last year itself a total of about 3,234 updates were reported. This would mean an average of about 9 per day. Most of these changes are minor algorithm updates. Only few being major ones that affect search results significantly. Google’s algorithm are a complex system. The search engine uses a combination of algorithm and various ranking factors to deliver results in SERP that is ranked by relevance for the query entered. Google makes changes in its search index to deliver the best possible results. Most of these updates are so slight that you might not even notice them. 

However, to maintain or improve your ranking all you could do is try to get your visitors to spend as much time on your website as possible. Keep updating your content to keep it fresh and relevant and stay updated with the latest information on SEO and Google.