Google announced yesterday that they are making podcasts easier to find and listen to. Now, when you’ll search for a podcast related to a particular topic. Google will show potential podcast episodes related to your query. Google will not only surface episodes with metadata or title that fits the query. But also those episodes where the audio has the words within the podcast. 

For instance, Google stated if you search for “podcasts about Awkwafina” or “Instant Pot recipe podcasts”. You will be shown not only episodes in SERP but also web pages, news, images, and videos. The results will be shown based on Google’s understanding of what is being discussed in the podcast.

podcasts made easier to find

For years podcasts have lacked discovery. People learned about podcasts either through a friend or through another show. Google is taking a new step in making podcasts easy to discover. This would not just affect how people search for new shows. But, this might also change how pod-casters make their show searchable. Now, the creators may not just rely on altering URLs and Web Page Titles. But, they might also write episode descriptions differently or use flashy cover arts. This is big news for pod-casters as now they will have a wider reach.   

Google has said shortly they will bring the same functions to Google Assistant and Google Podcast for the web. In the coming future, you will no longer need to use “podcast” in the search term. Google will also add the ability for pod-casters to specify where people can listen to their podcasts.

Read the full announcement here.