//No More features Might be turned off from Google Search Console

No More features Might be turned off from Google Search Console

On 18th July 2019, Google announced that it has removed preferred domain setting from old Google Search Console. Google was saying for years that it was not needed. It said you could use redirects and other methods to communicate the preferred domain to Google. Hence, when Google launched the new Google Search Console the feature was killed off.

preferred domain settings removed

Today afternoon, while answering a Tweet John Mueller from Google said that the features that are still there on the old Google Search Console are good to use. When asked about the “International Targeting > Country” feature still recommended for use in Google Search Console. John Muller Tweeted “it doesn’t really matter what will be in the future. If we thought it wasn’t important, we would have turned it off already.”

John Mueller

This might imply that the remaining features that are in the old search console will find its way into the new one. We don’t know what Google might decide in the future. It’s safe to say, for now, no additional legacy Google Search Console features will be turned off

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