Google My Business now allows hotels to edit services and amenities. You can do this in the “Hotel attributes” section of your Google My Business. There were some issues with edits in Google My Business. We can only assume it was due to this update taking place. The updated feature will not be available to you in your mobile apps. You can only edit information from your desktop browser.

Here are some screenshots of how you can make the edits. This was shared by Matt Heffner in the Local Search Forum. 


How can you edit the information- Google has a list of attributes and amenities that searches can view in the SERP and maps. You need to have a hotel with a verified listing. Then you can edit this information in the “Hotel attributes” section of your Google My Business Account. All you need to do is-

  • Log in to your Google My Business Account.
  • If you serve in multiple locations then choose the location you wish to edit.
  • Click info.
  • Next to “Hotel Attributes” is the Edit button, click on it.
  • Search and add or edit information, click Save. 

Why is this good news for you- The travel and hospitality industry is very competitive. Customers have so many options to choose form. You as a hotel owner can never do enough to attract customers. This update by Google My Business can surely be a welcome change for the hospitality industry. Google My Business previously had a “Hotel Attribute” section. The list of attributes was drawn based on data from sites. Like any information drawn from websites, this list wasn’t perfect. With this update, you can now correct any information that is incorrect or out-dated. You can also add amenities that can set you apart and attract customers. Amenities offered by the hotel, other than the food and service, are often the deciding factor when customers have to choose between two similar hotel options.

Google My Business has an updated help document to help you with the edits. Click Here