//The key to success to SEO for lawyers and law firms

The key to success to SEO for lawyers and law firms

Back again, after my last post on SEO for Real Estate. This time I have researched and thought of exploring the SEO strategy for lawyers and jotted down some really worth reading tactics. So, without wasting any time lets straight head to our topic by asking one simple question:

Is SEO for Lawyers really relevant?

Businesses’ regardless of their scale, have understood the relevance of optimized websites’. It’s no more an additional option, but an essential one, as I always say. Despite it, some people are skeptical about SEO relevance in law firms or for lawyers locally. Due to which they miss a large chunk of clients. If you are one of them, then it’s highly imperative for you to understand its relevance.

A strong web presence is the key to higher conversions in any industry. But when it comes to the legal sector its relevance is multi folded.  It’s because clients are very skeptical and cautious when it comes to legal matters or hiring a lawyer. So they rely on search engines to guide them. With millions of competitors and Google’s constantly changing algorithm, it makes even more imperative to cut the competition and rank at the top.

Well, while the explanation is quite easy the process is not, in fact it’s extremely difficult without correct SEO strategies. SEO uses various tools to successfully achieve desired results. I will introduce you with some prominent SEO tactics used to optimize legal websites.

Your Website content is the first step to begin with!

It’s essential that lawyers devote a lot of time while designing their website. It should be informative as well as impressive. Remember, a client will scan your entire website thoroughly. Your office location won’t matter to them, but the content on your website really does matter. To be honest, they won’t even mind approaching to someone with poor infrastructure, but, a solid website which reflects the credibility of the law firm, then vice versa.

So your website should leave nothing, absolutely nothing to impress them! It should clearly talk about your expertises and experiences. For example a family law attorney should include practice areas like divorce, child support, and child custody. While a criminal legal expert should include grand theft, petty theft, and burglary practice areas.

Another important thing is to include case studies, lawyer bios, testimonials, and an engaging and informative blog. It will be great if you could include a few videos of your past clients. This will make your website impressive and compel clients to contact you.

After short listing the entire components next step should be to silo your website.

What purpose does siloing offers to your law firm website architecture?

Though many people are aware of the word “Silo” they often fail to link it with SEO strategy.  Silo is quite an old strategy, but yet very powerful. In simple words, it means categorizing your website services, specializations and every other content of your website separately. For example, if you are a property attorney with specializations in Civil Litigation, labour and property law, environmental law and intellectual property law, then your homepage should focus on your niche (property attorney) only. And your various other services should categorically arrange in subdomains with targeted keywords for each. Remember, every category or group should be entitled to one service only. Its URL should look like this:

http://www.yourdomain.com/services/civil litigation/

http://www.yourdomain.com/services/intectual property/

Not only to services, but this rule applies to each and every aspect of your website like blogs, clients, case studies and contact information. You can’t simply create sections, but, need to ensure its visibility too.
A Google crawler easily understands such organized websites. Moreover, this increase User experience of your site as it helps you encompass your varied services and still rank for each keyword. Say, it will help you to rank for keywords like “property lawyers in Delhi” as well as “lawyers for civil litigation in Delhi” and so on.

Focus narrow Keyword Research – keyword is highly important and if you go wrong in selecting an appropriate keyword for your services, you will miss the boat. While selecting keywords one needs to focus on the geographical market and its targeted audience. This means your keyword should be narrow and focused on your expertise to grab your potential clients. For example, instead of selecting keywords like ‘lawyers’, ‘law firms’; one should switch to ‘criminal lawyer’; ‘bankruptcy lawyer’; ‘immigration lawyer’ and so on. This will cut a large chunk of the competition for your website and also give your potential clients.

Meta Tags are bits of information on your website; this includes title tag, description tag and other bits of information on your website. Search engine robots use this information to rank your website. Title tags are very important, as it’s the first thing which your prospective client will read, and thus it should compel them to click. For example, if you are a family attorney don’t just go with “best family attorney”. There will be hundreds with this title. Rather make it tailored, just like we did for keywords to get your targeted audience. Say, hypothetically your targeted audience is typing “divorce lawyers in Delhi”, a good title tag would be “divorce Lawyers- India’s first exclusive divorce law firm in Delhi-NCR, India”. It’s simple, clear and encapsulating your keywords.
Description tags are another important aspect of Meta tags. This should be about 60-65 characters and briefly describe your practices. One such example could be- “professional, experienced lawyers for high stake cases involving business litigation, injury and death cases”. In short, it should vividly and clearly describe your company and its expertise.

Backlinks are perhaps one of the most important factors in ranking and also hard to get. They are basically the links from other websites to your site. When it comes to a law firm or law expert, don’t just be limited to online directories. Everyone is using them; try to use rare and impactful platforms.

But, wait, why would someone give you an impactful backlink for free? Yes, that’s why it’s hard to get, now you know the reason. It needs to give and take. You have to convince that it will benefit them as well.

Lets understand this by an example. Say if you ever had any case published online with your name, you can reach out to them and persuade them to add backlink, this will increase their website UX (user experience). Website loves to improve their user experience.

Just remember quality trumps quantity, when comes to backlinks. Few, but, impactful backlinks are way more powerful than enormous with less impact. In fact, the latter one is dangerous, as Google might consider them as spam and drop your rank.

Don’t take reviews lightly, not at least in the legal sector.

Feedback- positive or negative is highly immense in the online world and when professions like lawyers are concerned where the trustworthy image is everything, it’s a decisive factor. So don’t get surprised if I tell you that approx 85% of clients, check the feedback for a law firm before contacting. And words like “fraud”, “cheat”, “overcharge”, “fool clients” can make them immediately turn away. Moreover, it’s very easy to get negative reviews, many people build fake accounts to affect the reputation of your company.

And let me tell you one thing bluntly “no one can ever remove any review accept that same person”.  Other than that if someone promises you to do this, simply run away. He will be simply waste your time and money.

So what else can we do?

Well, we can’t remove them, but we can blur them. How? By creating many positive reviews for your company. There are various platforms for lawyers from which you can assess your reputation and then build a strategy to counter it to improve your ranking

The importance of SEO is undoubtedly important and has the potential to do wonders for your practice. It will not only build a robust web presence but will also build a trustworthy image. Both are essential elements, which clients look in any law firm or expert.

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