//How to Leverage SEO to Generate Real Estate Leads

How to Leverage SEO to Generate Real Estate Leads

We are back with yet another article on SEO and this time it’s all about Real Estate. Our first post was on SEO for hotels and this is our second piece in the league of SEO series. Here it goes:

Searching a property in the most preferred location within the budget is a daunting task. But with the penetrate of the internet, it’s quite easy; users heavily rely on the search results for their query. A survey revealed that 86% of property buyers are checking out Real Estate’s websites for making their decision. That’s really a huge percent; no smart Real Estate dealer wants to miss. Correct?

Just like in other industry, your website is your home and it should be visible to its targeted audience at the very first sight. But wait, how will you make audience reach to your site instantly? An efficient and successful way is via optimization. If your website is optimized it will rank high in the search engines ranking and grasp the visitor’s eye in even less than micro seconds.

An optimized website can get you unimaginable leads with time and above all, it can transform your business into a brand. Thus, mere having a website is no great deal rather your website needs to shine in the crowd. This will make Google rank you on the top of its search results, over millions of others.

Thus, I have jotted down some crucial SEO steps for Real Estate industry.

Select the right keywords

Keyword selection is one of the pivotal parts of SEO strategy. In simple words, it’s like an address of a place. Can you search a place with mere its city name? I know it’s impossible. So how can you imagine your targeted clients reach to you with simple names like “Farm house” or say “best residential project”?

There will be thousands of sites with such keywords. It’s damn difficult to make your position on the top of the SERP with such keywords. And moreover, keywords are meaningless if it’s not tailored for your targeted audience. Thus, you need to be specific and succinct with your keywords allocation. You should go with something like “flats in Noida” or “best residential project in Noida”. Google is getting smarter with keywords, so should you. Your aim should be to secure a top position in the niche markets first and then expand your horizon, rather than vice-versa.

Messy URL structure is a big NO-NO

Many people underestimate the relevance of correct URL structure. No, wonder why their overall traffic affects due to this. Are you one of them?

Continuing the example given above, if it’s impossible to detect a place with an incomplete address, then an address with an inappropriate order or loaded with irrelevant information can make you immediately freak out. Similar is the case of website URL but, Google doesn’t freak out, it simply leaves your website back in the crowd.

Thus, a systematic and clear URL is the golden key in Real estates. As you will be dealing with diverse information like price, location, property specifications, other attractions, etc. Hence, a URL like /building- office_ [email protected] Delhi, is absolutely absurd. Rather, you can modify it as www.yourdomain.com/delhi- commercial-building-office-space-sale. Simply avoid any unnecessary character like @, #, _ and others.

Clear location and contact information

A website should imbibe every easiest way to make your client reach to you without surfing too much. One of the best ways is through attaching maps, correct phone numbers, and Email id. When it comes to Real Estates you need to continually scroll for all latest and better ways for communication. One of the examples is via WhatsApp. You can attach your WhatsApp phone number separately. It’s the quickest and easiest way to share information in this busy world. Your client could reach to you and you can share suitable pictures of your property via this app. This will make them hook with your business.

Your website should be responsive

There was a time when having a website was important, but today, having a responsive website is more important. Why? Well, because we are no more stick to desktops or laptops. Your many potential clients are searching all their queries on mobiles or tablets. This means your entire site should be designed in order to fit from small to large screens. Remember clients are not taking any action related to property in a hurry. They are surfing on mobile to compare prices, property, specifications, reviews and much more. Having a responsive website is highly imperative for real estate companies.

Imbibe high visual content

It’s a proven fact that the visuals are way more powerful than words. In the real estate sector, it should be used as a very important strategy. The content should be tailored for all your clients. For example, take them for a short ride of your diverse properties through videos. Make them imagine its ambiance. Upload short testimonials from your previous clients, like a testimonial of First time home buyer or seller is a great idea. Use Videos to educate your potential clients.  Have a look at some of the themes, which you could use on your real estate web site.

  • Essential tips before investing in property
  • Beware of increasing fake real estate’s dealers in the market.
  • Take a glimpse at our community events
  • Host Q&A session on Facebook live or any other live streaming platform.

These are some of the great ways to send robust signals of your presence to your clients and compel them to call you.

Focus on website architecture and engagement

Make it loud and clear, your website will be visited by clients with diverse requirements, thus it needs to cater each one of them. Say for example Mr M is looking to buy a house, and Mr N is seeking for a rented accommodation, while Mr O needs to post the advertisement for its property. Your website needs to be optimized for each one of them.

Moreover, your website needs to have engaging elements to hold your website visitors. Thus, an engaging website needs to have that X factor. This ask for some additional features  like “calculate value of your property”, “ rates and trends”, “ news related to property” “Real Estate forum” and much more. Remember, there is thousands of Real Estates website in the market and you need to offer something unique in the plate, to make yourself seen on the top.

Optimize your brand image via forums

Many people believe that forums are dead for real estate. But in reality they are not, in fact, when it comes to Real estate its stupidity to consider them irrelevant. Always remember, clients are way more cautious while dealing with property related matters. Trust is the driving factor in real estates. Thus, forums are a great way to know about your brand image in the online world and build a trustworthy and engaging image.

But as a real estate company you shouldn’t directly start talking about your company on such forums. Rather involve in discussions and give valuable insights about this sector. Clients are always looking for such unique and valuable information. Hence, a clean chit image will be a by-product of such efforts.

Quickly wrapping it up

These are the few on-site and off-site SEO strategies you can straight apply to optimize your website. Remember, in the Real Estate sector, having an optimized website is highly mandatory to shine out in the crowd and get your targeted audience.

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