//A Beginners guide to SEO for Hotels

A Beginners guide to SEO for Hotels

The power of the online world has hardly left any industry untouched, especially the hotel industry which caters 90% of its potential customers via online. It’s not simply enough to have a good hotel, great services, discounts and exciting packages. You need to have a strong web presence too. A robust web presence will make you grab a large chunk of the audience.

But the keyword here is “strong web presence”.

This means that your site should be optimized, so that search engines should keep your website on the top, over millions of others. And if you are new to this industry, then let me introduce you with another brutal fact of search engines working. Despite the advancement of technology, Google fails to understand a website like humans do, which means no matter how rich content or HD images you upload, Google might not find it relevant. Seems absurd? It’s not absurd at all. It’s the game of optimization. SEO-search engine Optimization Company effectively applies its tools and tactics to make your site rank on the top.

Here are a few tips you need to consider in order to rank as top on search engines:

Web site redesigning

One of the powerful ways to optimize your site is through redesigning. It’s important that your website should be an intuitive one, which efficiently manages all the relevant content. It should be responsive and should provide greater UX (user experience). For example booking hotel room process should not be long, but more digestible; an easy and clear rate information divisions; booking calendar should exceed the user expectations and so on. Your website architecture is highly important for users and should be impressive rather than making them feel tortured.

Focus narrow Keyword Research

Keyword is a highly important and if you go wrong in selecting appropriate keyword for your services, you will miss the boat. Gone are the days, when simply place name + hotel name were ruling, for example (hotels in India). Today one has to be specific and allocate keywords which your travelers are using to describe your hotel. For example “hotels with beaches in Kerala”, “hotels with parks in Goa”, “suites hotels + location”, “lake hotels + location” and so on. You can find the data from Google analytics. These Keywords will cut a large chunk of the competition for your website and also give you potential clients.

Content is the king of the internet

I am sure you must have heard this line many times and trust me; it’s not at all a cliché. A rich and engaging content is a potential tactic. If you are still wondering its relevance in hotel industry, then let me tell you it’s the best time for the hotel industry to enroll in rich content. Your content should make your readers visualize the beauty of your property.

A constant myth in the hotel industry is that images are the boss. Yes, they are but without a good and well written content, even HD images won’t be able to hold your audience. Unfortunately a web site has always lacked in weaving engaging content. So don’t engage in poor quality content rather give your audience something nice to read to hook them for long.

Meta Tags include title tags, description tags and other bits of information from your site. They are highly important as these are the first few things a visitor will read. Your tags should be relevant to your targeted audiences. So for example, if a user is searching for “hotels in Kerala” then your description tag should catch reader’s eyeballs instantly. Something likes “unfold the majestic beauty of Kerala, with a stay at our exclusive hotel and experience traditional Ayurvedic spa therapy”. Similarly, when it comes to title tags, your information should appeal to the targeted audience. Again, don’t be regular rather it should be something like ‘breathtaking beach resorts in Kerala’.

are perhaps one of the most important factors in ranking. They are basically the links from other websites to your site. If someone tells you that backlinks are dead, then it simply means that they are too hard to get. Moreover, it’s important to remember that backlinks work differently in different niches. When it comes to hotels, one good approach may be to get in touch with travel bloggers, and invite them to your hotel to experience its unique facilities and hospitality, and then there is a bright chance that they will write a nice review about their experience in your hotel and link you back on his blog post.

Another way is press releases, which could be used when there is any big event taking place at the hotel. For example, if promoting a special event, the press release should link to a page on hotel websites that gives information on the event.

Conclusion -It’s important to understand that SEO for hotels is not at all an additional option but an essential one. These were few SEO tactics one can apply to push your rank upwards. However, it’s important to remember that SEO does take time, but the results are fruitful. It will convert your business into a brand!

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