In Google I/O 2019, which took place about 44 days ago, Google said that Googlebot is now evergreen which means it will stay up-to-date with the latest version of Chromium, their popular Chrome browser. Adding to the announcement Martin Splitt also said that not all the testing tools have been upgraded with the new evergreen GoogleBot support. Today, Martin Splitt said on Twitter that they are now in an internally testing phase where they are testing the new GoogleBot support for a number of tools including the mobile-friendly testing tool.


Googlebot is a crawler that visits web pages to include them within the Google Search index. The new evergreen Googlebot has all the latest features of a modern browser for indexing. Google had announced that Googlebot would support more than 1000 new features including ES6 and newer JavaScript features, IntersectionObserver for lazy-loading and Web Components v1 APIs. The news created a huge buzz as it was considered as a huge win for the web developers. It meant no more transpiling of ES6 or polyfiling of thousands of web features and also faster and more optimized experience for end users. Now, Martin Splitt said that they are testing the tools to make sure the new Evergreen GoogleBot addition works properly. All fingers are crossed with the hope that if all turns out to be good the tools will soon go live with the new support.