Google is testing new local pack designs. You must have seen a lot of variations of the local pack carousel recently. They have been testing carousel design for the local pack for the last two months. Google had been testing some alternative designs in March 2017. And, they are doing it again.

This time the local results are shown in a scroll-able carousel format. You see an ad spot at the top of the organic results. The local pack carousel shows only one-and-a-half results in a glance. For seeing more options you have to scroll through the list. When you click on a listing, you get more options. 


Google’s testing on local brand searches is something that the SEO community has been talking about since last week. The new local branded scroll pack on mobile changes what use to be recovery searches to discovery searches. We haven’t spotted this test nor were able to replicate it. But, Mike Blumenthal, who has been flowing the local pack tests for quite some time posted about these tests on his blog. 

new local brand search carousel

If this goes live then the searches would be introduced to an array of options every time they search for the preferred brand. They would get to know about similar businesses that offer what their favorite brand does but cheaper or with fuller services. As it will seem good news for some. Businesses like Starbuck might not feel that way. They will have more search results to be concerned about and compete to keep their customers interested.