Google took to Twitter today to announce a new development. You will now be able to view your Search Performance Report with data less than a day old. This means you will not have to wait till Wednesdays to view your data on Monday. 

google webmaster

A performance report helps you to analyze your site’s performance on Google search. It helps you figure out your top-performing pages and also discover queries for which your site is performing the best. You can track from which device and region you get the most traffic.  

The updated performance data is currently available only for the web. Data for Search Analytics API and Google Discover reports are still a couple of days behind. Google has promised to address these items sooner. 

Why you should Care

This new improvement can help you in monitoring your site’s performance more efficiently. You can view your site’s weekend performance on Mondays. It can help you track and fix issues faster. You could your traffic after fixing some important issues on the same day.