Earlier today, John McAlpin tweeted a photo of their reinstatement request. The form has been taken down. You would receive a message “We’re receiving a high volume of questions about suspended listings. If you’ve appealed for reinstatement, it may take 2-3 weeks to proceed.” 

Here is a screenshot of the same. 

Google My Business removes reinstatement forms

Google My Business Team had been suffering from a serious backlog since June. You were requested not to submit duplicate entries. As it would end up delaying things more. On June 15th, Greg Sterling from Search Engine Land had tweeted a statement from Google My Business.  

Google My Business

They said that the visibility of the business listings is being corrected. Doing away with your suspension about the matter being connected to short names features. It said there is no relation between the two. The listings were not visible due to the technical issues. After receiving the statement from Google, hopes were up for the issue to be resolved soon. And yet, the very next day twitter was filled with tweets that spoke otherwise. 

Google My Business to resolve missing business listings

Currently, the reinstatement form is not there on Google My Business. You won’t see it. It could be a temporary thing that will soon be resolved. Maybe to fix the backlogs the team stopped more requests from pouring in. Nevertheless, we’ll have to wait and see.