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//Google Mobile First Indexing: – How it works and affect the industry

Google Mobile First Indexing: – How it works and affect the industry

Google is now stepping towards a major change in the algorithm of crawler from desktop indexing to mobile indexing. It has been observed for the last few years that people are searching frequently through mobile. However, while ranking, our analytics evaluate the data which are available on the desktop version. To take the same into consideration, Google has taken the initiative to update the same according to the searchers need.

Now the question arises, how it works?

Let’s try to understand like this, there are two types of versions for site: – desktop and mobile. It is not necessary that both have the same quantity of information. Now the Google algorithms will search and index primarily from mobile version and rank the website accordingly. It means the crawler will search the data and links available in the mobile version irrespective of their version of the site.

Further, Google has clear that their search index will continue to have one index listing for both desktops as well as mobile users. Google is right now in testing ambit. In this phase, there may be two indices, desktop first index and a mobile first index. However, once they got confidence they will shift to mobile index first or the result demands.

What are Challenges and how to overcome it?

There are following Challenges which we have to take into consideration  and ways to overcome the same:-

  • If the website is prepared on desktop version only:- No problem, In that case google crawler will index only on the basis of the desktop version in spite of the mobile user agent. However, if you were building a  mobile based site, make sure that the content should be same as a desktop version site so that the crawler will rank the site accordingly. Moreover, till the mobile version is not fully prepared, launching the site is a bad option.
  • If the mobile version has less content than the desktop version:- This can lead to a loss in ranking because the google will crawl on the pages of the mobile version. The more the informative site, the more is the chances of ranking on the top. Therefore, to overcome this, there should be a responsive site which has page to page same content as on the desktop site as well on the mobile.
  • In case of expandable content on Mobile:- Earlier if the large content used in desktop sites is covered in tabs, expandable boxes etc, the google wouldn’t give much weightage but the same is not applicable in case of mobile. In case of mobile, if google thinks that the data is useful for the end user, this will give full weightage but the point that should take care is the information is for that purpose only and not hearsay.
  • If the data is not mobile friendly:- If the data is not mobile friendly and reflects as absurd from the point of view of google, this will not be indexed. So the site owner should insure that the data should be structured on the mobile friendly guidelines in other words, avoid using large information markups which are not relevant to specific pages.
  • Google unable to search mobile site:- If the site is not added in google search console, the google will not search that site. In simple words, it is a tool to inform the google that we have mobile site also and now you can crawl on this site also. The procedure is very simple, add the same to the search console tool and verify thereof.
  • In case Canonicals:- Google is very clear in this that there is no need to change in any canonicals tags.
  • The speed of the site:- The Google will rank your site on the basis of signal they got from your mobile site. The signals encased by the google from the titles, h1 tags, structured data may slow down your speed of the site and can harm your ranking. The site owner should insure that the website should be launching on proper bandwidth and structured in a proper manner.
  • Quantity of links:- As we know that the desktop sites have more links than mobile sites. In addition, the google is totally dependent on links and contents. Google is silent in this case. Google is in testing period and we have waited till the google will rolled out completely and clear discrepancies.

To conclude, There is hardly any change in ranking if take a few things into consideration to overcome the same. However, the google is itself in the testing period so it is too early to say about the success and flawsess in the transformation from desktop first  based indexing to mobile first based indexing.


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