//Google Manual Actions Take Time To Process

Google Manual Actions Take Time To Process

When a manual action is removed by Google, your site is immediately free of it. However, Google takes time to carry out the change. It takes time for the ranking system and index to process the change. John Mueller while answering a query on twitter tweeted the same. 

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Google demotes sites or web pages for low-quality content or spammer behavior. These actions are carried out when a human reviewer in Google determines a particular website or web page is not compliant with Google’s Webmasters Guidelines. These actions are not related to any algorithm update by Google. But are Google’s manual actions to improve its results. 

If your site is hit by a manual action, you will be notified about the same in the Search Console Messenger Center or Manual Actions Report. On the report, once you expand the manual action description panel, you will find a short description related to the issue. You also get steps to fix the issue. Look-up the pages that are affected by the action and follow the steps to fix them. 

Sometimes sites have multiple manual actions. Make sure you read through all of them and fix each page that is affected by the action. After you fix all the issue select ‘Request Review’ in the report. Your request must contain an explanation of the issue, steps you took to fix them, and documentation of the results.  

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