//Gary has a New Idea-Google Might be upto something New.

Gary has a New Idea-Google Might be upto something New.

Not more than a few hours ago John Mueller, a Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google, Twitted an “exciting” news that has created a buzz in the SEO Community. The tweet isn’t too lengthy just a simple line “Gary has a new idea”.  

Google might be coming up with something new

The line was enough to put the SEO Community on the edge. Gary Illyes is the person responsible for Google dropping support for the unsupported no-index in the robots.txt. Well, we couldn’t be sure if something is coming from Google that the SEOs might not welcome with open arms or this is just John messing with the SEO Community. Nevertheless, any announcement from Google these days seems like Ned Stark saying “Winter is Coming”.

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