//Digital Marketing Strategies for Start-ups

Digital Marketing Strategies for Start-ups

Yes, Digital marketing has become an inescapable part of any business marketing strategy.  But for any startup business digital marketing benefits are even more like cost- efficient, generate an inflow of traffic, deliver better cost-per-lead, strengthen your online image and is highly measurable. What else a new business could ask for?

For a newbie, it works as a fuel for their business engine.  Despite having limited resources they can make their business reach to the wider audience and convert their business into a brand!

But to achieve the desired results you need to firstly address few questions rather than straightly diving into the pool of digital marketing. These are some main questions you need to answer to launch successful digital marketing campaigns for your start-up:

Who all are my targeted audience?

Does my digital marketing strategies are aptly carved out for my targeted audience?

What are the digital marketing channels for my business?

And lastly, does my digital platforms are well optimized to get high ROI?

You need to be extremely clear with their answers and build strategies accordingly. With vague digital marketing tools and techniques, there are chances that you might get high traffic.  But your business success will not be determined with high traffic only, rather you need real time lead and sales. To make your work easy I have mentioned some digital marketing strategies for startups:


It’s highly essential for any business in fact, with SEO you can lay a strong foundation of your business. But I will not tell you benefits of SEO, as there are plethora of content available. Rather, I want to address a much bigger question, which is, at what stage of your start-up you need SEO?  I have seen many startups stuck with this question.

Often a newbie doesn’t find it worth to spend their money on SEO. This is because a new business is always crunched with budget, thus they spend their money after ensuring an immediate high return only. Their common mindset is to build a website and start the business. And then opt for SEO in the later stages. While others try to optimize their website using copy- paste SEO tactics. However, both ways are wrong.

Firstly, SEO gets extremely difficult and time consuming once your website structure is completed and secondly, SEO strategies don’t work on copy-paste format. It needs to be carved out, especially for your start-up, else it won’t work. Plus, it’s important to understand that SEO is not an expense rather an investment.
And just like in any other investment, SEO also takes time to bear fruitful results. Hence, as a startup, it’s extremely necessary to indulge in such investments from the beginning. A good way for a startup is to indulge in both PPC and SEO simultaneously.

Pay-per-click (PPC)

PPC works as a boon for startups, in absolutely no time it places you on the top of search engines. This means your site will witness high traffic instantly. Of-course we know nothing comes for free and certainly not HIGH TRAFFIC. Thus, to get your site on the top you pay to search engines. But the problem is you are not alone in the race and search engines rank you on the sum of bidding multiplied by the quality score. The game is simple; either you need to increase your bid or your quality score to rank on the top. However, going for higher bid comes easy for an established business but not from a startup. Hence, having a high quality score is always wallet friendly, as you can rank on the top even with a comparatively lower bid.

Search engines rank your quality score from 1 to 10 and your score depends on CTR, Keywords allocation and landing pages. For a successful PPC campaign you need to devote specific attention on the above three factors. Else, you will simply end up after burning a lot of money on PPC campaigns!

However, after increasing visibility of your site next step should be to engage with your targeted audience. And what could be better than email marketing as it’s the most cost saving methods.

Email Marketing

A high engagement with your targeted customers increase the chances of higher traffic and leads. And when it comes to startups, email marketing is one of the best cost efficient platforms to engage. But the keyword here is “targeted customers”.  Hence, it’s futile to simply send dozens of emails to people who are not potential leads for your business.  Moreover, you need to build strategies to create successful email marketing campaigns for example a catchy subject line will compels your readers to open it.

You need to be clear with certain questions like: what kind of content makes my audience engages- long format or short format? At what time of the day does my targeted audience likely to read email? Should I send my email once a week or twice a week? Use analytics data to get correct answers and then build strategies for successful email- marketing.

Social media marketing

Social media has become a hub of marketing for people worldwide. And for a start up, it’s a best way to make your business reaches out to the large audience. Yes, it is a great platform to start a successful campaign for your business and bring high number of traffic and potential leads. However, as a startup you need to be clear with some facts before marketing on this platform. Don’t get blown away by the higher number of users on these platforms rather ask one simple question:

Do I actually need these billions of active users? Is it even practically possible to make these many people interested in my campaign? The answer is a clear NO. Hence, you need to narrow down your approach and then research and hunt for your potential leads.

Also, you need to be specific about the kind of channels you will choose. Facebook could be one of the best social media platforms for your targeted audience. However, you need to ensure that your each post is reaching to your followers. Due to Facebook’s constantly changing algorithm they need to be your “recent followers” instead of simply “followers”. And there is a big difference between the two. Not many startups notice this point. You don’t simply need a high number of followers, but a high number of recent followers who  engages with your content.

Content marketing

As a start-up what’s your content marketing strategy? Do you have a clear idea of what content resonates with your audience? When did the last time you evaluated your content marketing strategy? What are the main pain points of your targeted customers around which your content will weave?

These are the questions which you need to consider before creating content. Let’s be clear, creating content is not difficult, but creating content that stimulate your audience is difficult. And that’s why I strongly believe not every content is king. A good content marketing requires research, creating strategies and analyzing your success.  There’s a reason why we are talking about content marketing and not simply content. You need to evaluate your strategy and don’t shy away from measuring your own content strategy. Remember not any content will be going to engage your audience

Moreover, don’t simply create content for your potential customers, but also for your existing customers. This will build a strong spine for your business slowly, which will render longevity of your business.


Yes, everyone wants a high return on their investments, but for a startup, it’s an immediate need to survive. Thus, re-targeting proves to be successful for a newbie. For all those who are unaware of this tool re-targeting actually helps you to bring back the audience who visited your page and left without taking any call to action. This means that despite being limited by the budget you can bring back your potential clients. There are many platforms available like Google re-marketing for you to begin.

However, you need to be clear about what you are trying to achieve through re targeting. Whether you want to bring back customers who have left the items in the cart without purchasing? Or whether you want to re- target your page visitors? Or Do you want to re target all your past customers? It’s important to be clear with your goals to analyses your re-targeting success.


We have seen digital marketing can help startups grow and build a solid foundation. However, the ride is not that easy. It’s fairly impossible that you will launch a campaign and instantly start getting leads and sales overnight. It doesn’t work like this. Hence, you need to continually evaluate the success of your campaign and metrics extremely matter. But the question is what all you should measure and evaluate?

Well, analytics are used in each and every stage, for example: who is my targeted audience? What are the targeted keywords for my website? What kind of content with which my audience is engaging in?  And so on. There are different analytics tools available for different queries.


Digital marketing is a great platform for any start-up, but you need to be clear with the goals. These are some important ways by which you can start your campaign and bring potential leads to your business.

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