//Codeigniter PHP Framework – Best choice of freelancers

Codeigniter PHP Framework – Best choice of freelancers

In general, development frameworks tend to take the pinch out of software development, making it possible to churn out feature-rich, stable deliverables in lesser time. The Codeigniter PHP Framework is no different but for the fact that it stands out from the other PHP frameworks due to few features best suited for freelance developers. Codeigniter PHP Framework is ideal for any Codeigniter development company to deliver quality software in a timely and reliable manner, especially if they’re are working with freelance developers.

Codeigniter PHP framework makes life easier for freelance developers as it houses host of features that prove quite helpful to tackle coding challenges, that too when working alone.

Light Footprint

The development framework is definitely faster and intuitive to use, not bulky when compared to other PHP frameworks and does not take a toll on system resources, which is a critical requirement when working independently.

Open Source

Being an open source PHP framework, it is available online for free and can be used to develop commercial applications without violating license regulations.  Cost factor definitely works in favour of freelance developers looking for a cost-effective way to create complex software applications.

Comprehensive Code Libraries

Codeigniter can significantly reduce software development time as freelancers have access to a modular code base of plug-ins, libraries, and helper functions to quickly put together the intended features and functional elements of the software without having to re-invent the wheel.  Developers can indeed focus on enhancing functional aspects of the software rather than spend time on lines of code. Re-usable blocks of functional code minimize chances of coding errors that occur during manual code. All one needs to know is to use them appropriately.  These libraries help incorporate complex functionality without any compromises on the performance, enabling freelancers to deliver top-class web applications based on client requirements.

Database Support

Building web applications with database connectivity could prove quite a tedious task when attempted using the core language.  Using the database classes available in the Codeigniter PHP Framework, it is possible to easily connect to almost all available data platforms including.

In Built Security

Built security features enable developers to develop web applications that are safe from common threats such as SQL injections, remote code executions and malicious cross platform scripting apart from the usual password encryption and encoded session data.

Documentation and Community Support

PHP Freelancers invariably rely on clear and concise documentation and exchange of information that happens within the open source developer community to enhance their knowledge of the language, different applications of modular code and of course problem resolution. An active Codeigniter developer community offers much needed support to freelancers.

Simple structure and friendly interface definitely makes it easier for developers to use the Codeigniter PHP Framework to get the job done.  Effort spent on actually writing lines of code is vastly reduced, thanks to re-usable code that can be further customized to suit specific requirements. The need to follow the usual coding guidelines is also done away with.

Loosely based on the Model/View/Controller development approach, the Codeigniter PHP Framework also offers an opportunity for freelancers to improve their knowledge of PHP as they continue use the Framework effectively. Of course the integrated debugging capability does help in delivering error-free web applications!

Be it a Codeigniter development company or self-employed freelance PHP developers, Codeigniter PHP Framework can help create the best of web applications in relatively lesser time, in a cost-effective manner.

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