The evergreen GoogleBot can now support Chrome 76 features. We have been following updates on GoogleBot ever since it was made evergreen. As promised by Google, it is constantly updating GoogleBot to support the latest web platform features. 

GoogleBot stays up-to-date with the latest version of Chromium. Consequently, from 18th August 2019, GoogleBot supports the latest Chrome 76. This means that all chrome 76 features are now supported by it. Valentin Pletzer posted about it on Twitter. 

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Chrome 76 was launched for Android, Mac, Windows, and Linux last month. All the new features including native lazy loading are now supported by GoogleBot. Lazy loading delays loading of images until you scroll closer to them. Sites usually have tons of images. This ensures faster loading time and reduced memory usage. Previously implementing Lazy loading required Java scripts. But now it is directly supported within Chrome. All you need to do is simply add ‘loading’ attribute when embedding images.The SEO community is closely following new changes in Chrome. As any new updates supported by Chrome is likely to be supported by the evergreen GoogleBot. Chrome 77 is to be released on 30th September 2019.