For generating more business an effective SEO strategy. We were given the task of driving targeted traffic to their eCommerce website. This could be achieved by increasing their site’s visibility and improving its SERP ranking.


The primary task at hand included enabling the company’s website to occupy major SERP real estate which had been occupied by larger and more renowned retailers in the field. The major challenges we faced included:-

  • Recalibrating the Keyword strategy to target potential buyers.
  • Finding high-volume and low-competition keywords.
  • Gaining valuable inbound links.
  • Improving indexation through functional sitemaps.

What We Did

We adapted the following steps to achieve the desired goal.

  • Competitive analysis for finding keyword opportunities.
  • Keyword strategy keeping in mind the user intent.
  • Logical construction of the site’s URL.
  • Optimizing Title Tags, Description Tags, Product and Category Page content.

Results Achieved

Targeted Location : India
Major Services Offered : Food Packaging
Keyword Ranking Search Engine
Keyword Ranking Search Engine
Aluminium Foil Pouches 1st page Google.co.in
Organic Food Packaging 1st page Google.co.in
Plastic Pouches Manufacturers 1st page Google.co.in
Flexible Packaging Pouch Manufacturers 1st page Google.co.in
Zip Pouch Online 1st page Google.co.in